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September 24, 2014

Workshop: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Herschel Science Archive

Join us for The Hitchhiker's Guide to Extracting SEDs and Spectra from the Herschel Science Archive, a workshop to be held October 6-10, 2014, on the Caltech campus in Pasadena, CA. The workshop features a Herschel Essentials track (mornings only) on manipulating and extracting science results from processed products in the Herschel Science Archive, and a Master track (entire workshop) for those wanting the details of how to reprocess the data.

Each day will include hands-on sessions guided by our expert instrument scientists. We can provide virtual machines to those who need them with software and data pre-installed, to enable participants to quickly get experience with Herschel products. 

Please register by September 30th. Visit our workshop website for more details. 

Poster for our October 2014 workshop.



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