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Distant Galaxies and Nearby Gas from Herschel

A picture of the first field observed in the H-ATLAS survey, made by combining the images made with the SPIRE camera at 250, 350 and 500 microns. The colours in the image are not real but have been used to represent the different infrared wavelengths. The faint blue whisps at the top of the image show dust in our own Galaxy and the bright object just above the centre of the picture is a 'Bok globule', a dense cloud of gas and dust, also in our Galaxy, in which a small star may be forming. The other objects in the picture are all galaxies, at distances up to 12 billion light-years. The image shows that the survey is detecting objects in our celestial backyard and also other, further ones that we are seeing as they were not long after the Big Bang.

Image Details
May 6, 2010
ESA/ATLAS Consortium
Object Details
Subject | Distant Universe
Cosmology Morphology Deep Field
Color Mapping
Telescope Spectral Band Color Assigment Wavelength
Herschel (SPIRE) Infrared Blue 250.0 µm
Herschel (SPIRE) Infrared Green 350.0 µm
Herschel (SPIRE) Infrared Red 500.0 µm